Go Virtually Social with Chelsea Row

A local company takes shopping to the digital hangout.

“Isabella” necklace, $52 / Photo courtesy of Chelsea Row

Women of the 21st century are busy. Building a career, picking the kids up from soccer practice, juggling household chores, keeping up with friends and family across the globe—all of this proves difficult, even for a multi-tasking pro.

Enter Chelsea Row. The online platform allows users hold their own trunk shows, then connect with friends and earn money while browsing the latest jewelry trends. It’s like a 2.0 version of the classic Tupperware party: A hostess can set up a virtual event and invite up to eight of her pals. Then, participants log-in and play games before shopping for baubles at a discount.

“With a technology like Vparty, a direct seller can come in and have that online party experience, the same way they have a home party experience,” Founder Andy Fox says. “Do it in much less time, do it from anywhere in the country, and really take advantage of the flexibility of this particular type of business for women. So that’s really what we’re trying to do.”

Register and find more info at chelsearow.com.


“Emma” bracelet, $48 / Photo courtesy of Chelsea Row.