Object of Desire: A Leafy Tiffany & Co. Diamond Necklace

Designed by late jeweler Jean Schlumberger in 1956, this glamorous chain was inspired by fall foliage.

Photo by Nick Fallon

Have you ever gone outside on a perfectly crisp fall day when the trees are exploding in shades of red and orange and felt inspired to write a poem, ink a drawing, or otherwise pay homage to nature’s beauty? This striking necklace was born of the late jeweler Jean Schlumberger’s desire to do exactly that. Originally crafted in 1956, his design was re-created in 1986 and launched once more this year for Tiffany & Co.’s high jewelry collection. Its leaves and lattices, made from round, brilliant diamonds and sparkling baguettes with stems of gold, hang at slightly crooked angles, as if they’re blowing in the breeze—but thankfully, this stunning foliage won’t fall when the season ends.

“Trellis” diamond, platinum, and gold necklace, price upon request, Tiffany & Co.