Northeastern’s Not-So-Husky

In fact, singles from Northeastern worked out more than students at any other college in a new poll.

Working outPhoto via Shutterstock

We’ve done quite a few posts about how fit Boston and Massachusetts are, and a new GymPact study shows that trend doesn’t stop with our college students.

From Feb. 7 to Feb. 13, GymPact and DateMySchool asked college students and alums from around the country to declare their relationship status and log how many times a week they worked out in an effort to find out whether couples or singles work out more. Though the study found that relationships had virtually zero impact on workout frequency—3.8 sessions a week for singles versus 3.81 a week for couples—it did determine that our very own Northeastern University had the most singles exercising.

We can’t say we’re surprised. The combination of having an awesome college gym and living in a city where runners rule the streets would make us hop on the elliptical too.

Check out GymPact’s infographic from the study: