NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre is Running the Boston Marathon

What's harder: Training for a marathon or a putting on a concert?

This post is part of our Boston Marathon Q&A, where we ask local runners about their journey from the streets of Boston to the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. 


Joey McIntyre training for the Boston Marathon. Photo provided.

Joey McIntyre training for the Boston Marathon. Photo provided.


Name: Joey McIntyre


Residence: Los Angeles

Why are you running the Boston marathon?
[Boston is] my hometown. [My] mom has Alzheimer’s. [Here’s her] donation page. And why not?

What did your training regimen look like?
Two months: long runs once a week starting at 10 miles working to 20 then tapering the last two weeks. Cross training mixed in throughout the week.

What was the hardest part of training?
The ice bath after a 20 mile run.

Why is the Boston Marathon special to you? Any memories?
Most of the time it was drinking beer at Cleveland Circle. But I love looking back at all the old photos… the old boy’s club.

What’s harder: Preparing for a marathon or training for a concert performance?
I’d say the marathon was easier because I listened to someone who knew what they were talking about and did what I was told. Problem is I think I know something about performing.

What’s your favorite pre-race (night before) meal?
Gotta say that pasta thing works.

What is your favorite post-race meal?
Chocolate milk mixed with coffee. [It’s] amazing how quick I feel the recovery come.

How will you stay motivated during the course?
Knowing that to do this is a huge privilege. And to have a wife that has supported me through the process.

Do you have any racing superstitions?

What will you be doing the day after the Boston Marathon?
Chilling for a bit then flying back to L.A.