Would You Call A Beach Body Help Hotline?

Boston Sports Clubs is trying something new.

Do you think he is calling for water exercises advice? Beach photo via Shutterstock.

Do you think he is calling for water exercises advice? Beach photo via Shutterstock.

If it was April 1st and someone told us this was an Aprils Fools Day joke, we would have believed it.

Boston Sports Clubs (BSC), which recently took over Boston FitCorp locations, is launching a hotline called the “I Am Buff Beach Help Hotline” that will offer free fitness advice for a weekend this summer. But wait, before you roll your eyes, there’s more. The toll free number is 1-855-I-Am-Buff. Yes, really.

Starting June 21st, when you call the above number, you will get live summer fitness advice from certified personal trainers, plus a free gym pass. Town Sports International, the parent company of BSC, will offer the hotline to all of its Sports Clubs locations in New York, Boston, D.C., and Philadelphia.

The “Bathing Suit” hotline center will be fully staffed for three days from sunrise until sunset (6 a.m. to 9 p.m.) and callers will get tips like how to safely get started on a fitness routine, how to advance past a workout plateau, how to exercise during a heat wave, no-equipment moves for summer vacations, exercises you can actually do on the beach, and how to integrate high intensity intervals for the quickest workout with the most calories burned. Non-members will receive a one-week pass to the club.

“This hotline was designed for anyone who was lazy in May, and just realized the 4th of July is two weeks away,” said Chris Ruta, Vice President of Fitness at New York Sports Clubs in a press release. “We launched the ‘Bathing Suit’ hotline as a public service to offer support and encouragement that it’s not too late to make a difference in your body and feel confident wherever your summer travels take you. By offering expert fitness advice and a free pass to our facilities, we hope to alleviate some of the additional stress that surfaces around the beach season.”

If you aren’t the hotline calling kind of person, you can also get the fitness advice and free pass by emailing IAmBuff@town-sports.com.

So is this a crazy marketing ploy? Absolutely. But, three days of free fitness advice from credentialed professionals is never a bad thing, so take advantage—or at least get your free pass.