David Barton Gym Will Offer Cyc Fitness

The indoor cycling method will open up shop inside the new club.

David Barton Gym

David Barton Gym in NYC.

In case you don’t already know, David Barton Gym signed a long-term lease for a 19,000-square-foot space inside the Park Plaza Hotel that will finally bring the club to Boston. In fact, it’ll be the gym’s first location in Massachusetts. Construction has been underway for some time now, and the new spot is slated to open in January.

The gym will have its typical array of tongue-in-cheek classes such as: ASSolutely ABBulous; Ass, Arms & Abs; Six-Pack Attack; and more. (Do you think they like the word ass? #justsaying). One other confirmed piece of information is that the club will, of course, offer indoor cycling. But, instead of just bringing in bikes and offering regular classes, the team at David Barton’s has commissioned Cyc Fitness to open a studio inside the club.

Cyc Fitness claims—according to the company’s press people— to have pioneered the “shop-in-shop” concept, calling it “the first of its kind in the boutique fitness community.” This “shop-in-shop” will open in David Barton’s Boston location.

“Cyc’s ‘shop-in-shop’ concept works within an existing facility’s infrastructure, allowing for quick build-outs, highly competitive rates to riders, and the added benefit of existing high-end rider amenities which are often not available in traditional independent boutique fitness studios,” says Stephen Nitkin, founder and CEO of Cyc Fitness, in a statement. “It’s a huge win for everyone involved and one of the primary reasons why Cyc is on pace to become one of the top three national boutique cycling studios by year-end 2015.”

The Cyc method, according to company reps, combines cardio and strength training in a 45-minute class that “activates the whole body, the whole time.” By strength training, I hope they mean weighted bar work and not the super uncomfortable and downright awkward “push-ups” some studios make you do on the bike.

While prices are not yet available, a Cyc studio opening in an Atlanta gym is charging $25 a ride—less costly than Flywheel or SoulCycle, but still pricey. Plus, this is Boston, not Atlanta, so one can only image that it will be more expensive here.

“Our partnership with Cyc has been a tremendous success. David Barton Gym members love the convenience of having our entire gym and a boutique studio experience all under one roof,” said Howard Brodsky, CEO at David Barton Gym, in a statement. “We’re excited to help Cyc further expand their ‘shop-in-shop’ concept and look forward to rolling out more studios within our world-class facilities nationwide.”