Simply Barre Is Now Open in Southie

The studio is offering free classes all week to celebrate.

Exterior of the new studio on broadway. All photos provided to

Exterior of the new studio on broadway. All photos provided to

When walking down bustling Broadway in South Boston, it’s easy forget what neighborhood you’re actually in. “It’s like Newbury Street now,” one passerby says while walking down the boulevard.

“Like Newbury Street” is an accurate assessment. No, you won’t find Valentino or Chanel, but you will find clothing boutiques with unique items that you can’t find at Zara, yoga studios, a soon-to-be-opened juice bar, personal training studios, and now, a new barre studio.

Simply Barre quietly opened December 1, and they’re celebrating by offering free classes all week. That’s right, free. Just hop on their website, create an account, and sign up for your preferred class. Co-owner Erin Dickman signed the lease back in late-June and has been working on the build out ever since.

“I chose this spot because of the revitalization that is taking place in Southie, and its proximity to downtown Boston,” Dickman says. “The neighborhood is filled with fit people who live an active lifestyle, it was the perfect fit for us. I love the exposed brick walls in the space. And being close to the T was a big piece for me. We found the space end of June and began the build out in September.”


Dickman says that this is hopefully the first of many Simply Barre studios. The method, like other barre classes, is based on the Lotte Berk Method—which has been around for more than 40 years—and combines strength-training, dance, orthopedic back exercises, and Hatha yoga in an hour-long mind-body workout designed to lift you butt, shape your inner thighs, lengthen your torso, and chisel your waistline.

“It all goes back to this one studio in NYC and this one woman,” Dickman says. “It’s the foundation and the principles for Simply Barre.”

Dickman, who still works her day job as a clinical social worker, says that she uses the mind-body connection in her practice. “I always believe in the mind-body connection for mental and physical health. I was a yogi with a passion for fitness and have a background in kinesiology and exercise science,” she says.


Dickman says that it was her passion for barre that led her to open her own studio. “I needed a quick, efficient, and fast workout. I took a free class at a barre studio years ago, and I knew that I got a great workout.”

After noticing that the technique was working for her, Dickman says that she knew she wanted to get more involved with the method. “I started noticing changes in my body right away. It was lengthening lean muscle instead of the bulky muscles. I got addicted. I started taking classes across the country and was taking barre six or seven days a week. I decided that I wanted to be a part of this more than just a student in class. I want to have a studio and have an active role in refining the technique. My passion is for barre.”

118 W Broadway, South Boston,  617-766-8479,