13 Local Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following Now

These healthy experts' feeds are great resources for recipes, exercise tips, and inspiration.

How many times a day do you check your Instagram feed? Yeah, we thought so. But instead of aimlessly scrolling through photos of your neighbor’s baby and your cousin’s dog, why not get something productive from your time on the app? We found 13 people from the local health and fitness community with food photography, recipes, workout advice, and motivation so good, you’ll actually want to whip up a quinoa salad or wake up for that 6 a.m. bootcamp class.

Here are 13 Boston-based healthy Instagram accounts you should be following:


1. Tara Mardigan (theplatecoach)

This Boston-based nutritionist’s beautiful food photography—mostly vegan and featuring fresh produce—might just inspire you to head straight to the nearest Whole Foods.

Zest. Such an underdog. #sauces #dips #marinades #lemon #zest #plantstrong #healthy @kkweiler

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2. Lucie Wicker (luciephoto)

Wicker makes her living as a fitness photographer, which means her account is full of part-motivational, part-intimidating workout shots, from insane yoga poses to running.


3. Madeline Heising (madelineheising)

Northeastern University student Heising wrote a cookbook called “Five” and runs a blog called the Collegiate Vegan, which provides cheap and easy vegan recipes. Her gorgeous food photography will make you want to try each and every one.

Skillet chickpeas and greens on a sunny afternoon ☀️

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4. Mike Boyle (bodybyboyle)

Boyle is a legendary trainer in Boston (he’s worked with almost every professional sports team in the city), and his Instagram pictures will give you the guts you need to try gritty, hardcore workouts.

Bring a friend or family member to one free class at MBSC and receive a free MBSC sling bag! #bodybyboyle

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5. Nini Nguyen (nini_nguyen)

Need proof that cheerleaders are athletes, too? Look no further than Nguyen’s Instagram account, which features pictures of both her cheering and her intense CrossFit training sessions.


6. Bojan Mandaric (bmandaric)

One of the cofounders of the November Project, Mandaric shares photos of the group’s early-morning workouts and scenes from around the city.

@novemberproject workouts are not hard enough. #np17 #boston #brookline #novemberproject

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7. Rebecca Pacheco (omgal)

Pacheco is a prolific Boston yogi, so her feed is a great place to go if you’re obsessed with your next hard-to-reach pose. (Bonus: She’s engaged to South End Athletic Company’s Dan Fitzgerald, so you’ll get shots of the fitness power couple, too.)

8. Dylan Polin (dylanpolin)

Even if you’ve never wanted to try parkour before, following Polin may make you want to start—or just give you something to gawk at while waiting for the T in the morning.

Practical parkour with @martin_millz and @_alfred_scott #salem #parkour #freerunning #davidbellesdrram

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9. Lauren Hefez (sweatwithlaurenhefez)

Hefez, a trainer and YouTube fitness personality, shares plenty of inspirational but accessible workout photos and the requisite healthy food shots.

10. Tito Jackson (titojacksonboston)

The Boston city councilor recently became passionate about health, and he has the Instagram account to prove it, complete with many inspirational quotes.

11. Ana Sortun (sortunchef)

Sortun is the acclaimed chef-owner of Oleana and Sofra Bakery, and co-owner of Sarma, so we can vouch that her photos are veritable food porn. The best part? Most of the food she cooks is nutritious.

Duck & beet shish @oleanabuzz with figs, pine nuts and bulgur pilaf #heartycoldnightmeal

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12. Run Bimma (journeyclaimer)

This feed is populated by people reaching their goals—or “claiming their journey”—so its a good place to go if you’re in need of some New Years Resolution inspiration this January.


13. Lia Cirio (msliac)

Cirio is a principal dancer for the Boston Ballet, so following her on Instagram is a way to instantly relive your childhood ballerina fantasies—and gain some serious respect for the dancer training regimen.