Three Fun Treadmill Routines To Brighten Up Your Monday

Plus, one very enthusiastic guy at Boston Sports Clubs.

When actor/dancer (as per his Twitter bio) Carson Dean’s “Uptown Funk” treadmill dance (above) went viral last month (more than seven million page views and counting), he clearly started a new trend. Sure, the treadmill gets a bum rap for being boring, but Dean’s dance launched a new wave of treadmill routines: Dancing.

Since the video was released, as slew of treadmill dancers have left their proverbial closets and entered the main stage, bringing their dancing out into the open—even right in the middle of Boston Sports Clubs.

This dude is clearly enjoying himself.

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Now, a new video is making the rounds, and this one just may be the perfect way to start your Monday. Last week, Canadian gym, Goodlife Fitness, was celebrating its 36th anniversary when personal trainer Trent Ruban decided to channel Michael Jackson and show everyone in the gym who’s bad.

What a fun day at Fairway Goodlife celebrating our 36th Anniversary! 🙂 You've seen the treadmill dancer on Ellen and…

Posted by Franziska Kallweit on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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