ONE Is Hiding Pokémon-Themed Condom Tins All Over the Common

You can find them during Saturday's Poké-walk.

ONE condoms

Photo provided

The Pokémon Go hysteria has officially gotten weird(er).

During Saturday’s Poké-walk around the Common, a giant meet-up for playing the game that has captivated the minds and stretched the legs of the masses, you’ll have something new to find.

Boston-based ONE Condoms is hiding tins—decorated like Pokéballs, obviously—full of condoms and “sweet prizes” at the gyms and Pokéstops on the Common. Because you know what they say: Nothing sparks an interest in safe sex like mobile gaming.

“Having sex without a condom is like going into tall grass without your own Pokémon—it’s just unsafe,” writes a ONE spokesperson. Hey, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Catch ’em all, Pokémon fans.