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Pokemon Go

City Life

The Site of the Rhode Island Nightclub Fire Is a Pokéstop

While reporting on the construction of a memorial at the site of The Station nightclub fire in Warwick, Rhode Island, the Associated Press learned of […]


Swet Studio Launches a Pokémon-Inspired Fitness Class

Pokémon Go has already helped masses of people get their daily 10,000 steps. Now, a local studio is launching a fitness class inspired by the […]

City Life

New Bill Would Ban Sex Offenders from Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is all the rage with the kids these days. That’s precisely what one state lawmaker is worried about. Rep. Jonathan Zlotnik, a Gardner […]

ONE Condoms

ONE Is Hiding Pokémon-Themed Condom Tins All Over the Common

The Pokémon Go hysteria has officially gotten weird(er). During Saturday’s Poké-walk around the Common, a giant meet-up for playing the game that has captivated the […]

Arts & Entertainment

The Best Locations in Boston to Play Pokémon Go

If you feel like you’ve seen (even more) people’s eyes glued to their phones this past week, don’t worry—you’re not going crazy. Released July 6, Pokémon […]

City Life

Pokémon Go Players Help Man Overdosing in a Lowell Park

Earlier this week, two Pokémon Go players in Lowell were in pursuit of a Pikachu in North Common Park when they made a startling discovery. While […]

Arts & Entertainment

Catch ‘Em All at These Pokémon Go Events in Boston

Pokémon Go is taking over the world faster than Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light, and players in Boston are going all […]

City Life

Someone Reported a Pokémon to City Hall’s 311 Service

Pokémon Go, the mobile game that’s launched thousands of nostalgic Millennials wandering aimlessly into oncoming traffic in search of a Meowth, has taken Boston by […]