College Students: Try This 20-Minute Dorm Room Workout

These equipment-free circuits are also great for small apartments or offices.

We know dorm rooms are small—really, really small—and we feel your pain, college kids. But even if you live in a glorified broom closet, you have space for this quick, equipment-free dorm room workout, featuring three cardio-strength circuits.

To complete this workout, do all three circuits, in order, three times through. Take one-minute breaks in between circuits, and complete a one-minute plank to finish it all off. Looking to get an A+? Push through each circuit four or five times.

College days long behind you? This 20-minute workout is also perfect for city apartments, and even offices. Just find a room where you have enough floor space to lie on the ground, lace up those sneakers, and go.

Circuit 1

  • Do four rounds of 20 high knees and five gate swings. For high knees, make sure your knees come up as high as your hips, and pump those arms. During the gate swings, place your hands on your head as if you were doing a crunch. Jump into a sumo squat, with toes pointed slightly out and knees over your ankles.
  • After four rounds of that, do 1o squats.


Circuit 2

  • Do four rounds of 20 mountain climbers and five plank jacks. To start, come into a high plank position, with your fingers spread wide and hands under your shoulders. Keep your shoulders in place and engage your abdominals as you quickly bring your knees into your chest. During your plank jacks, do your best to keep your core engaged and hips stable as you jump your feet in and out.
  • After four rounds of that, do 10 pushups.


Circuit 3

  • Do four rounds of 20 bicycle crunches and five boat extensions. Lie on the ground, bring your hands behind your head, and bring the right elbow to the left knee as your right leg extends straight, hovering a few inches off the ground. Switch and do 20 bicycles. Then, rock up to boat position. Extend the legs to hover as you lean back. Use your core strength to pull your legs back in.
  • After four rounds of that, do 10 tricep dips.