This Is What’s in a Fitness Instructor’s Gym Bag

Shandell Raposa, area group fitness manager for Equinox, unzips her bag.

For most of us, simply remembering to pack a gym bag is a victory. But for those who’ve made careers out of health and fitness, it’s all in a day’s work. In this series, we’ll take you inside those expertly packed bags.

Shandell Raposa

Shandell Raposa’s gym bag/photo provided

Shandell Raposa

The pro: Shandell Raposa is Equinox’s area group fitness manager, overseeing classes at its four Boston-area locations. She teaches between 10 and 15 classes every week, so a good gym bag is a must.

The bag: The MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote. “This bag is so lightweight, durable, and fits absolutely everything,” Raposa raves.

The contents:

1. A “group fitness instructor survival kit”: It includes batteries, markers, a charger, Band-Aids, hair elastics, and more—everything she needs to keep workouts running smoothly.

2. Polar heart rate monitor: Whether I’m strength training, HIIT training, or doing light cardio, I always have my Polar on,” she says.

3. Watch.

4. Shimano cycling shoes.

5. Ray-Ban sunglasses.

6. Spare tank top.

7. Toiletries: Raposa’s essentials include Boscia cleansing oil, Benetint lip and cheek stain, Clinique Lash Power mascara, Make Up For Ever concealer, and Burt’s Bees lip balm. She’s also a floss addict. “I carry it everywhere,” Raposa admits.

8. An “old school” gym whistle: “Just for fun,” she says. Spoken like a true fitness instructor.

9. Equinox sweatshirt.

10. Dry shampoo: Raposa is partial to Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day shampoo. “I get pretty sweaty throughout the day, but this dry shampoo keeps oil, sweat, and odor at bay,” she says.

11. Notebooks and pens: I’m constantly on the hunt for creative new exercises and class sequences,” Raposa explains, “so I need to be prepared when ideas strike or I see something I could use in a class.”

12. Apple everything. Raposa totes an iPod Nano, an iPhone, and an iPad.

13. Snacks: She refuels with GoMacro bars and Honest Harvest packets.