November Project Shoveled Summit Ave. While You Were Sleeping

The free fitness tribe cleared the street while doing hill sprints.

Next time you complain about shoveling snow, be thankful you don’t have to do it between hill sprints.

After yesterday’s blizzard, members of the all-weather free fitness tribe November Project woke up at the crack of dawn to shovel the site of its Friday morning workouts, Summit Avenue in Brookline. This officially makes Summit Avenue residents the luckiest people in the Boston area.

November Project has done this community-service-slash-workout enough that it has its own name: the Shovel Shuffle. Members get a heads up the night before, and arrive at the hill with shovels in hand. Then everybody pairs up, and one partner shovels—driveways, sidewalks, hydrants, around cars, even front walks and steps—while the other partner runs up and down the very steep, roughly half-mile-long hill.

Despite the frigid temperatures and parking ban, coleader Chris Capozzi says roughly 40 people arrived at the dot of 6:30 a.m., and the group grew to roughly 100 by the end of the workout.

We’re cold and exhausted just thinking about it.