Eight Toast Recipes That Aren’t Avocado Toast

Try these variations on the trend.


Photo via istock.com/OksanaKilan

We never thought we’d say this, but there is such a thing as too much avocado toast. After years of enjoying the quick and healthy meal, we wouldn’t blame you for feeling a little avocado-ed out.

But don’t give up on toast entirely—it can be the perfect vehicle for a healthy meal, providing whole grains, protein, fruit or vegetables, and often a healthy fat.

To mix up your toast routine, we found eight toast recipes that aren’t avocado toast.

1. Acai Yogurt Toast
via Eureka Organic

Think of this like an acai bowl, reimagined. Bread is topped with a mixture of acai powder and yogurt, then loaded with fresh fruit, granola, and nuts. Try replacing the fruit yogurt for plain Greek yogurt for more protein and less sugar.

2. Hummus Kale Toast
via Fooduzzi

Gluten-free folks, this one’s for you. Gluten-free toast is topped with a couple tablespoons of hummus, then layered with sautéed garlic kale. Top the toast with lemon zest and chili flakes for extra flavor.

3. Caprese Eggplant Toast
via Paleo Hacks

Instead of bread, this recipe uses baked eggplant as its base. Tomatoes, olives, and paleo “mozzarella” add to the Italian flavor of the dish.

4. Cucumber Lox Toast
via My Recipes

This play on a bagel and lox uses Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese, with smoked salmon adding more protein. Chives give flavor to the yogurt, but capers could also make a savory addition.

5. Lemon Ricotta Breakfast Toast
via She Well

This simple toast recipe provides a nutritional start to hectic mornings. Whole grain bread, organic ricotta, and organic lemons make this dish clean and tart. Honey provides natural sweetness.

6. Sheet Pan Toast with Spring Vegetables and Mashed Peas
via Bon Appetit

This healthy toast recipe uses mashed, seasoned peas instead of the ubiquitous avocado. The whole thing is topped with mushrooms, carrots, and more roasted vegetables.

7. Grain-Free Broccoli Toast
via Paleo Hacks

Stay with us here: The “bread” in this toast recipe is made of ground broccoli, eggs, and almond meal. Top the toast with whatever you’d like.

8. Cottage Cheese and Balsamic Cherry Sweet Potato Toast
via Asia Bradlee

Remember sweet potato toast? The avocado toast alternative—which uses a toasted, sliced sweet potato for a base—had its moment in the sun last year. This variation combines sweet and salty flavors for a palate-pleasing meal.

Still feeling avocado toast? Try our seven unique variations on the trend.