Six Healthier Cookie Dough Recipes You Can Eat Raw

Go ahead, lick the spoon.

Cookie dough

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Ever found yourself sneaking some raw cookie dough when whipping up a batch of your favorite treats? Us, too…every time. Next time that craving hits, avoid the sugar high (and the risk of salmonella) with these healthier, egg-free cookie dough recipes you can eat raw.

1. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
via My Montana Kitchen

Ever heard of peanut flour? The flour alternative, made from crushed peanuts, keeps this healthy cookie dough recipe low-carb, while giving it a nutty flavor. The recipe calls for liquid sweetener, but if you prefer an all-natural option, maple syrup is a good substitute. 

2. Skinny Edible Monster Cookie Dough
via The Skinny Fork

Oat flour, milk, peanut butter powder, and dark chocolate candies make up this edible cookie dough. If you don’t eat dairy, use nut or plant milk instead.

3. No-Bake Coconut Cookie Dough
via Fresh Planet Flavor

All things coconut—seriously, the recipe calls for shredded coconut, coconut milk, coconut oil, and coconut flour—give this cookie dough its flavor. The dough can be eaten straight from the jar, or rolled into small balls and placed in the fridge for future snacking.

4. Raw Cookie Dough
via Chocolate Covered Katie

This alternative to classic cookie dough is actually a fairly filling snack, thanks to chickpeas, quick oats, and almond butter. The texture and taste will be better if using a food processor, but a blender would also do the trick if necessary.

5. Raw Protein Cookie Dough
via Rachael Ray

Vegan protein powder and dairy-free chocolate chips make this recipe suitable for vegans and those sensitive to lactose. Be sure to add water slowly when making the dough, or it could become either too dry or too watery.

6. Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt
via Live Green Eat Lean

Yep, we went there. This recipe makes Greek yogurt taste like healthy cookie dough, using cashew butter, natural sweeteners, and chocolate chips. You could even eat it for an indulgent breakfast.