Miley Cyrus Is Recovering after Vocal Cord Surgery at MGH

Last week, the star underwent vocal cord surgery and even made a pit stop at the Museum of Fine Arts during her visit to the Hub.

Miley at the Ancient Nubia Now exhibit / Photo provided by the MFA

Miley Cyrus hopped off a plane at Logan Airport with a dream (to repair her vocal cords) and her winter coat (because this is Boston) last week.

The 26-year-old star, who was hospitalized last month for tonsillitis, or inflammation of the tonsils, was told by doctors she would need surgery on her vocal cords before the end of the year, per a People report. The singer apparently had unknowingly had issues with her vocal cords for years.

Just like  any muscle, or body part, that gets overworked is more prone to injury, the vocal cords and tonsils are no different. It’s no wonder singers and performers are at an increased risk for laryngeal, or throat, issues. Implications can range from hoarseness to gastroesophageal reflux disease, swelling, and abnormal growths.

Other stars, including Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith, Adele, and Keith Urban have also undergone some type of surgery to repair their vocal cords. The process can include anything from removing lesions on the cords to stretching and lengthening the tissue folds.

While it’s unclear exactly what was wrong with Cyrus’ vocal cords, she came to the one place in the country with the best doctors and surgeons, right here in Boston at Massachusetts General Hospital. After all, when you’re a massively successful singer/songwriter, your vocal cords are pretty important. The surgery was conducted by Dr. Steven Zeitels, who is the director of the MGH Center for Laryngeal Surgery and Voice Rehabilitation.

Cryus, who has been busy developing new music and dropping hits like “Mother’s Daughter” and her newest single, “Slide Away,” has only two things to do in the next couple of weeks to recover: Rest and stay silent. Which is hard for anyone, let alone a celebrity who loves to live her life out loud and proud in the limelight.

Her trip to the Hub wasn’t void of all fun, though. According to People, before her surgery she was seen last Wednesday at the Museum of Fine Arts taking pictures in front of the Stele of King Tanyidamani and even chatting with fans. Recovery is all about staying positive, and her outlook on her condition the past couple months has been nothing short of that.