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April 2011 Issue

Pocket Aces

The Sox’s championship dreams depend on pitchers Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz — and that’s a comforting thought.


Destination Dining

More than ever before, there is culinary life beyond our city’s borders. Food lovers, ready your maps.

A Masshole Goes Among The Thugs

Jason Schwartz takes to the streets of Liverpool to learn more about John Henry’s new soccer team.

Karmic Transformations

The ultrahip couple behind Karmaloop has settled into the perfect new nest.


Up in Smoke

Arson investigation now depends on science rather than instinct. This man has finally been freed, but it’s anyone’s guess how many other innocent people are still in jail.

Campaign Confidential

Scott Brown should be using his child abuse story to help those who suffer similarly — not to help his reelection.


On a Roll

The marathon is set for April 18, and chances are that we already know the winners of the wheelchair division.


Two black politicians were just sentenced to prison for taking bribes. If Sal DiMasi convicted, will he get the same? 

Person of Interest: Ellen Zane

The Tufts Medical CEO can see the future. So pay attention to what she does next.

Last Call?

Internet deals allowed the thirsty among us to drink at a discount. Until the state stepped in.

Fashion + Style

Dreams, Materialized

A new group provides much-needed support for promising local designers.

A Pregnant Pause

Are spa therapies for moms-to-be much-needed coddling, or expensive hocus-pocus? Donna Garlough investigates — for two.

Sole Revival

The minimalist marathoner’s mantra? Less is more. But the Minimus, New Balance’s ultra-lightweight road shoe, is anything but simple.


Fit to Be Tried

Bathing-suit season looms large. Alas, so does your waistline. Alexandra Hall finds the best workouts to get you ready.


Step Away From The Egg

Just because eggs-as-condiment are the latest Big Thing doesn’t mean they belong on every last dish.

The Ultimate: Niçoise Salad

The perfect summer wardrobe-friendly meal.


Dining Out: Journeyman Review

This Union Square restaurant finally opened last September. Seven months later it remains a work very much in progress.

Small Bite: Bosphorus

A review of Inman Square’s newest Turkish restaurant.

First Bite: Cognac Bistro

Brookline’s French newcomer lives up to its neighborhood’s high standards.

Table Talk

What’s heating up the city’s food scene.


Hubbub: Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander

Jason Schwartz catches up with Hoopz to talk Shaq, sports and the worst movies of all time.