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April 2021 Issue

City Life

What’s Next: The Ultimate Guide to Boston’s Post-Pandemic Future

From education and healthcare to office life and the collective grief we all feel, dozens of local experts offer their predictions for a city in transition.


City Life

Charlie Baker: Leadership, Lessons Learned, and What Lies Ahead

After 13 months of managing the COVID crisis, the governor opens up about “one of the most difficult things” he’s ever been through.



JC Monahan: Breaking My Silence

For many years, NBC Boston anchor JC Monahan had a secret—and keeping it nearly cost her everything.

Arts & Entertainment

Five Takeaways from a Conversation with Paul Theroux

With a new book out this month, the novelist and travel writer talks about his famous family, hanging with fellow Medford native Michael Bloomberg, and why all roads lead to the Cape.

City Life

Sole of the City

I used to spend my days strolling the streets of Boston and Cambridge. Then the pandemic struck, and I no longer had anywhere to go. That’s when the journey really began.


Arts & Entertainment

31 Things To See, Do, and Hear This Spring

(And no, they’re not all virtual—hooray!)

Fashion + Style


Boston Traveler: Palm Beach

What’s old is new again in one of Boston’s most beloved spring-break destinations.


Did Someone Say Spa?

After a cold, dark COVID winter, treat yourself with these brand-new wellness and beauty indulgences.