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August 2011 Issue

Best of Boston 2011

In our 38th annual awards issue, we once again tip our caps to the best of the city: the people, restaurants, and shops that deserve their name in lights.


Did You Hear The One About MIT’s Little Nuclear Reactor?

It’s tucked away in a nondescript corner of Cambridge and is run much of the time by students.


Parents Gone Wild

In the battle to protect their kids, adults are hurting the very people they claim to be looking out for.

Patrick’s Folly

In rushing to fix the system after a police officer was killed by a criminal on parole, our governor is leading us down the wrong path.


One Perfect Meal at Atasca

When he wants to take a break from his own stoves, Bambara executive chef Jay Silva pulls up a seat at Portuguese restaurant Atasca’s bar.

Table Talk

What’s heating up the city’s food scene.


Small Bite: Red’s in Rozzie

Down-home cooking at Redd’s in Rozzie — served with a side of biscuits.


First Bite: El Centro

Neighborhood gem, or haute-Mex me-too? It’s a little of both.

Fresh Idea: Chill Out

Light, fruity and portable, popsicles have nudged out ice cream as our favorite summer treat.


Dining Out: Locke-Ober

All shined up, this city landmark is ripe for a renaissance — but it can’t seem to shake its stodgy past.

Fashion + Style

The Slade Index

What’s hot and not in home furnishing.

Living Large: Just a Little Pied-à-Terre

Rachel Slade’s off-kilter take on hub dwellings.

Catching a Buzz

Are beehives the new rooftop gardens? Donna Garlough gets up close and personal with the latest locavore obsession.

Space Shifter

A Newbury Street boutique finds beauty in its second act.

Bird’s the Word

Hot feather accessories are landing at local stores just in time for fall.

Bright Ideas

These bags make a statement. And that statement is: I will look incredibly good on your arm.

Arts + Entertainment

Person of Interest: Slaine

A menacing mug has turned him into Hollywood’s go-to Boston tough guy, but for Slaine, it’s no act.

Porgy Begins Anew

The A.R.T. takes on the play more known about than actually known.

The Must List

This month’s not-to-be missed happenings.

Hubbub: Pete Souza

You may not know White House photographer Pete Souza. But you know his work — unless you’ve been living in a cave.


Shakedown U

The tuition man cometh.

Screen Monsters

Baseball is known for its chatter, but thanks to modern technology, there’s less of it than ever in the Red Sox clubhouse.

The FBI’s Most Pundited

As the the Whitey Bulger media circus intensifies, here’s who to pay attention to and who to ignore.