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February 2007 Issue


This is a summary of a Boston magazine exclusive report on the Christa Worthington trial, written by Cape Cod author Peter Manso. The full article appears in the March 2007 issue, appearing on newsstands February 27.

When 46-year-old Christa Worthington was found stabbed to death in her Truro home in 2002, it stunned the tony Cape Cod village and quickly grew […]

The Gonz Show Extended: Todd Gross

So tell me how things are going with ToddGross.com. Very good. It’s quite an endeavor. I have a lot of volunteers helping. And it’s beyond […]

Companies like Netflix and Amazon.com have no problem telling you what someone else likes. Cambridge firm ChoiceStream is working to figure out what you want—even before you do.

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To the women of Boston University, no guys, not even the hockey players, are hotter than the Top 40–crooning, pun-loving, fairly average-looking members of a cappella group the Dear Abbeys. How did that happen?

These Are the Biggest Studs on Campus?

You talkin’ to him? Everybody else is. Just a few short years after setting up shop in the evolving North End, Nick Varano has everything he ever wanted: A line out the door of his restaurant. Pockets full of cash. Celebrities and powerful fr

La Dolce Varano

Spend a day browsing and relaxing in the newest stores and spas along Boston’s favorite retail street.

Shopping Around Newbury St.

It’s easy to see why our congressmen, finally center-stage again, would want big roles in the Iraq debate. But if they go too far, they’ll lose a golden opportunity to tackle problems here at home.

The Lure of the Spotlight

Boston February Letter

Two days before this issue went to press, Rebecca Dorr, one of our ace fact-checkers (and a fine writer in her own right), came into […]