Photos: Evening of Equity for Partners In Health

Check out scenes April 2, 2019 at John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

Partners In Health’s Evening for Equity celebrated the nonprofit’s tireless work to improve women’s health and reduce maternal deaths around the world. Four of PIH’s dynamic female leaders shared personal stories from front lines of global health, uplifting guests with PIH’s ongoing mission of health care as a human right.

Photos by Rick Friedman 

Dr. Paul Farmer, PIH CO-Founder and Chief Strategist; Dr. Gary Gottlieb, CEO and Todd McCormack, Co-Founder

Dr. Regan Marsh, Director of Clinical Systems; Sheila Davis, Chief Nursing Officer; Jody Adams, PIH Trustee and Chef and Co-Founder of Porto, Saloniki, and Trade

Lisa Frantzis, Senior Managing Director, Advanced Energy Economy; Ophelia Dahl, Co-Founder; Toni Hays, Ph.D., PIH Trustee, President of Regis College; Charlotte Cramer Wagner, Wagner Foundation; John Przybylsk, MD; Dr. Derri Shtasel and Dr. Gary Gottlieb, CEO

Event Speakers: Dr. Joia Mukherjee, PIH Chief Medical Officer; Dr. Marta Lado, PIH Sierra Leone Chief Medical Officer; Ophelia Dahl, Co-Founder; Graciela Cadet, ICU Nurse Manager, Haiti; Dr. Michelle Morse, PIH Board Member, Founding Director of EqualHealth

PIH Trustee Dr. Paul Buttenwieser and Katie Buttenwieser

Elaine Martyn, Fidelity Charitable and Jeanine Martyn, Partners HealthCare