Photos: GIADA Grand Opening

Check out scenes from the April 11, 2019, event at GIADA.

On Thursday, April 11, 2019, Italian luxury womenswear brand, GIADA, celebrated the opening of its new flagship boutique and first North American location at The Heritage On The Garden, in Boston. The event was hosted by Boston socialite, Ashley Bernon, CEO of Redstone Haute Couture, Zhao Yizheng, GIADA’s Artistic Director, Gabriele Colangelo, Deputy Counsel General of the Italian Consulate in Boston, Emilia Luciani and President of The Druker Company and owner of The Heritage On The Garden, Ronald Druker. Well known, New York-based musical duo, The Dolls, performed.

Photos by BFA

Lisa Perroncello and Josh Trinh

Alex Rogers, Aly Raymer, Alexa Nichols Costa, Chelsea Roy and Maria Albini

Jiali Gao and Andy Su

Margot and Mia Moretti

Courtney Perry and Susanna Cornet

Meg Mainzer-Cohen, Ronald Druker, Emilia Luciani, Ashley Bernon, Zhao Yizheng and Gabriele Colangelo

Tonya Mezrich and Gabriele Colangelo

Kyle Miller and Ashley Bernon

Ivan Shaw and Lisa von Weise

Shuli Ji, Zhifei He and Yuyun Ying