Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1192044969Aren’t NASA’s rockets less expensive? The Yankees paid Roger Clemens $15,047 per pitch this year (luxury-tax adjusted). It sure was worth it, eh? (Any day now we’ll be over it. . .) [SportsBiz]

Who said scientists aren’t cool? Students at UMass Lowell’s Baseball Research Center get to measure each World Series ball to ensure consistency. Best scientific research ever! [WBZ]

A loss for anti-taxation crazies everywhere: Ed Brown, the tax-evading New Hampshire resident who was finally taken out of his compound last week, reported to a jail in Ohio today to start his 63-month sentence. New Hampshire just got a whole lot less crazy, and that saddens us. [WCVB]

This is why we use online travel sites: A Central Square travel agent and a customer who demanded the agent cancel his reservation came to blows, though it’s not clear who started it. Those guys definitely need a vacation. [Cambridge Chronicle]