The Genius That Is ‘Big Baby’

1192116647We’ve got a confession to make. We love Glen “Big Baby” Davis. Of all the exciting things happening with the Boston Celtics these days, the one that has us most pumped is the rookie forward from LSU. If you haven’t been reading Big Baby’s European diary in the Herald, you are missing some of the best comedy since Brett Szabo roamed the parquet. (The Szabo Era was, of course, more horrifying than hilarious).

Not only do we finally have a real NBA team again, we might also have our own Gilbert Arenas.

Today’s final installment began thusly: “I want to talk to my people. How y’all doing out there?” And ended: “But I’ll be talking to you again soon, letting you know how Big Baby’s progressing and enjoying the NBA life.”

That makes us giddy. You can see the rest for yourself over at the Herald’s new site.
Some more highlights:

People have been telling me how cold it gets in the winter in Boston, so I guess I need somebody to buy me a coat. I don’t have no coats. So put in the paper that Big Baby needs a coat. Anybody who wants to donate a nice, warm coat to me can reach me with the Celtics.

I’m only kidding about that, but I am afraid of snow. I never drove in snow or anything like that. I’ve seen it, but I haven’t really lived in it or had to wake up every morning when it’s cold out. So we’re going to see how it is. Hopefully I won’t get frostbite.

The money quote:

The Vatican was beautiful. I wish you could see it. Michelangelo is a, first of all, talented man. But he’s also crazy, because there’s no way I would take six years painting a ceiling that’s at least 30 or 40 feet high in the air. But I guess you do what you’ve got to do, and I just want to commend Michelangelo. But I heard the man was crazy, though he’s definitely a beautiful artist.

In his final installment, Big Baby worried that he didn’t want to get overexposed. As a general rule, rookie second round picks are better seen, and not heard. But Big Baby, (can we call you Big Baby?) please don’t go changing.