Boston Marathon Won’t Allow Cheaters

1194546216Last weekend, a technical problem at the New York City Marathon kept officials from keeping, well, official times for all the runners. So organizers had to rely on the runners to provide their finishing times. These same runners know that it takes a brisk finish at NYC to qualify for the Boston Marathon. So how many people could have qualified for Boston by lying in New York? Just 2,300.

But Boston Marathon spokesman Jack Fleming believes it won’t come to that. He tells Boston Daily that New York had video surveillance that monitored the runners, as well as chips on the shoes of each runner that helped keep the time. To further ensure accuracy, New York will use crafty computer programs that tell officials the pace of the runners around one of the 2,300 in question.

“At the end of the day, we will take the times that New York gives us,” Fleming says.

But if anyone takes more than day to finish the race, you know who to blame.