Mitt Romney Cries. Again

Dear Mitt Romney,

1198079609Hello, governor. Boston Daily here. We know we don’t talk very often, what with your busy campaign schedule and Keohane calling you names. But despite all that, we wanted to take some time to ask you a question.

Are you okay, Governor Romney?

We don’t want to pry. But it seems that you’ve been kind of emotional lately.

After his eyes filled with tears for the third time in as many weeks on the presidential campaign trail, Mitt Romney explained that, no, he is not immune to sadness and grief.

“I’m a normal person. I have emotions,” Romney told reporters in New Hampshire. “I’m not ashamed of that at all.”

Nor should you be. We don’t come to judge you. It’s just that, well, your friends are worried about you.

And yet several former associates said yesterday they were struck by the sudden display of emotion from a man known more for crunching data and giving PowerPoint presentations.

Maybe they’re too afraid to say it, but we’re not. We think you might be depressed. Don’t be angry, but we took a moment to Google the symptoms of depression, and you’re exhibiting a few of them.

Emotional Pain

* Prolonged Sadness

* Unexplained, Uncontrollable Crying

Mitt, we’ve seen you cry in public three times in as many weeks. We can’t even imagine how many tear-soaked Kleenex litter the Mitt Mobile.

But that’s not the only symptom we see.

Changes in Thought Patterns

* Inability to Concentrate
* Indecision
* Problems with Memory

You seem pretty good at concentrating, but you’re noted for your indecisiveness. You’ve also had some trouble with your memory. Just this weekend, you couldn’t remember if you were in law school when you found out your church would allow African-Americans to hold positions of authority.

I can remember when, when I heard about the change being made. I was driving home from, I think, it was law school, but I was driving home, going through the Fresh Pond rotary in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Your memory is also spotty when it comes to your wife’s charitable donations.

. . . Ann Romney wrote a $150 check to the abortion rights group. Romney has previously said he had “no recollection” of his wife writing the check.

It’s okay to ask for help, Mitt. It’s the season, after all. We all get the holiday blues. Try to remember the good times.

Boston Daily