Welcome NECN.com

1199290881Every year in early January, there’s a lot of talk about newborn babies, primarily around the parents who give birth while watching Dick Clark. This year, there was even some hullabaloo over the birth of anaconda snakes at the New England Aquarium. But 2008 brought us an addition to the local media scene that wasn’t as lauded as the babies and the reptiles.

NECN has its own website. [Link via Universal Hub.]

Until yesterday, the local cable news network’s online content was posted on Boston.com, making it difficult to find it buried in the Globe’s coverage. While the new site doesn’t provide transcripts (hint, hint) the video loads quickly and is prominently placed on the story pages.

There’s even a tantalizing tab for Blogs, which promises they are coming soon. Man, we hope Jim Braude gets a blog. We’ll totally add you to our blogroll, Jim!

While you may not have that wonderful new-baby smell or the intrigue of a pile of freshly-hatched snakes, we welcome you into the world, NECN.com.