The Other Side of the Randy Moss Controversy

1200602902The jury of public opinion is still out on Randy Moss. While the Herald used the scariest picture it could find from yesterday’s revealing press conference for its front page, the Globe buried its coverage in the sports section. We heard plenty from Moss yesterday, and today the lawyer for the woman he allegedly battered issued a statement.

The Patriots wide receiver may have gotten the first word, but that gave Rachelle Washington and her attorney a chance to rebut Moss’s claims that Washington was just looking for some money.

Ms. Washington has been unfairly characterized as someone simply seeking financial gain. In fact, it was Mr. Moss’ representatives who first contacted our office to offer a “six figure” settlement with hopes of not having this incident become public record.

As the evidence will show, there is serious doubt that Mr. Moss is capable of recalling with clarity the exact details of what transpired that evening. As Mr. Moss has previously stated, ‘Do your homework and check his resume.’

The lawyer went on to say he’s looking forward to “presenting all of the evidence” at a hearing on January 28, which if you are keeping track is the Monday of Super Bowl week.