A Nun, an Advertiser, and a Workout Enthusiast Walk Into a Bar…

Hey, so remember that whole hullabaloo we had here about the ad for the gym with the nuns drawing the pictures of the naked guy? It prompted a bout of righteous indignancy in the Herald, made the evening news and even inspired a good many of you to flood us with letters to the editor (NOTE: We up here in editorial have nothing to do with the ads and don’t even see them before they go to print. Take heed, woman who emailed three times just to call us nasty names.)

Anyhow, our magazine’s not the only one to have run that ad. This past week it appeared in the fine pages of New York Magazine, and lo and behold, nobody cared.

We checked with out friends to the south, and they haven’t heard from the Catholic League, nor have they had the Post or the Daily News rush out with inflammatory stories. In fact, they haven’t had any reaction at all.

Now, we’re not complaining here—as we said, we don’t have anything to do with the ads. In fact, we sort of like your fire. Clearly, these New Yorkers don’t have the same spit and vinegar as us Bostonians.

Ahh yes, yet another reason to be a proud resident of the Hub of the Universe.