Listener Supported?

1206716415The Mike Barnicle to WBUR rumors just will not die. In today’s Globe, BUR GM Paul La Camera told the Names section that they were still talking about a job for Barnicle.

How this plays with BUR’s audience is still a matter of debate. When the rumors first emerged, an anti-Barnicle website called No Mike suddenly appeared, and now seems to have disappeared. We received a handful of emails sent to ‘BUR, which were not enthusiastic about the possibility of a Barnicle-BUR union.

I just read Barnicle’s next move (The Boston Globe 4408). I hope it’s only nonsense. if I hear Mike Barnicle voice on WBUR, I will turn the radio to another station. His very voice is fraudulent. There is nothing authentic in him.

I just read in the Boston Globe that you are considering hiring Mike Barnicle . What are you thinking

What happened to credible journalism

We called BUR to talk to La Camera, but were told he was unavailable.