Mass Transit Fantasy

Although we write on the notoriously cynical internet, sometimes our softer side overwhelms our skepticism and we allow ourselves to daydream a little bit. Maybe our new MySpace friend Brian Williams will make us one of his top friends. Perhaps Samantha Power will finally run away with one of her many male admirers here at Boston Daily HQ.

1208980390But a new website has us blushing with an even hotter fantasy—T service right outside our front door. (suitable for work viewing, we promise) presents maps of what vastly expanded subway service would look like. Instead of a few short lines that look like the pile of pick-up-sticks we currently have, we could have trains that circle from Dudley Square in Roxbury to Wellington Station in Medford.

Sure, we might be too infirmed to ride the new subway if the 2050 vision were to come to fruition, but it’s great to dream. Areas that are clamoring for service (Somerville, we’re looking at you) would have plenty of mass transit options in the new plan.

As we come back to reality, we remember that the improvements the website proposes would cost unimaginable sums of money, even more than the MBTA’s incomprehensible debt load. But as gas prices creep ever-closer to $4 a gallon, we can’t help but imagine having more public transit options.

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