Casinos: They’re Back Again

1211386065Exactly one week ago, Republicans in the State Senate decided they’d like to tack a few gambling amendments on to the 2009 budget since House Speaker Sal DiMasi ruthlessly dispatched Gov. Deval Patrick’s casino legislation before they could have a say. The only problem with that is the Senate budget would go back to the House, creating delays in finally knowing how screwed the state’s finances will be next year.

Therefore, the Speaker is throwing the Senate a bone, and promises to put a casino referendum on the ballot this fall.

“The budget is the most important bill we debate each year and is far too significant to be bogged down in these kinds of major, controversial public policy debates,” DiMasi said in a statement. “Rather than have our budget negotiations stall over a potential casino impasse, I suggest we put this before the voters in a nonbinding referendum and reconsider it next year.”

So not only will we have a possible battle between Jim Ognowski and John Kerry, but also a huge presidential election and a casino referendum? You may want to get in line at your polling place now.