Boston Daily Will Always Love Big Baby

As we prepare for the NBA Finals, much of the focus has been on the Big Three. But we’d be remiss in forgetting about our boy, Glen “Big Baby” Davis. He of the flawless hands tells the Globe that he’s having a tough time hitting the mall lately.

The story isn’t as brilliant as the Herald’s piece about Big Baby’s “optimum playing nail,” but we can never get enough anecdotes about the rookie’s personal life.

“My girlfriend and I were [at a store] and we couldn’t walk out,” Davis said. “It got flooded. People were saying, ‘Congratulations.’ People were buying Big Baby T-shirts for me to sign. I was like, ‘Oh my, where did you get this T-shirt from.’ It was crazy.

“Even [at] the Final Four, I’ve never been in a situation before where I had to get mall security. We came out of the store and everyone was like, ‘Hey.’ It just caught on like wildfire. I didn’t want to come out of the store.”

Big Baby, if you’re reading this—we here at Boston Daily would like to offer to be your bodyguard. We’ll be the Kevin Costner to your Whitney Houston. We’d hate to think you might break a nail in a melee at the Orange Julius stand.