The Life of Reilly

We’re big fans of Adam Reilly and have been for some time. When the Boston Phoenix staffer was covering politics, we thought he produced some of the best, most insightful copy in the area. Nay, in the country. The Association of Alternative Newsweeklies agreed. Last year, Reilly took 2nd place at the AAN Awards for political columns (circulation greater than 60,000).

Given his talent and success, we thought he was crazy to give up politics to cover the media. Shows you how much we know.

Since taking over his new beat, Reilly has established himself as one of the better media critics out there. In addition to being on Romenesko all the time, Reilly recently won another AAN award.

This year, it’s a bronze medal for media criticism (circ. over 55,000).

We asked Reilly how he felt about adding to his trophy case.

“It’s nice, obviously,” he said. “But it won’t please my mom the way your ‘Next’ write-up did.”

True enough. Moms love us.

Even so, congratulations, Adam. But don’t let it go to your head. You missed a golden opportunity to come to our rescue. And, even worse, your jump shot is pretty terrible.