Missing Beaver Pelt: $1,000 Reward

1218138041Earlier this week, we told you that some hooligans trashed Plimoth Plantation. The living history museum is open to visitors, but it reports that several artifacts were stolen during last week’s rampage. The authorities haven’t gotten any leads, so the village is laying on the guilt and offering a reward.

“With the limited financial resources of a non-profit organization, the museum is offering a $1,000 reward and a lifetime membership to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators, which will hopefully lead to the return of the artifacts,” says the press release.

If the thieves didn’t feel like jerks before, that ought to do the job.

Unfortunately for the beaver-pelt-punks, museums carefully catalog their artifacts, so the Plantation helpfully provides a list of items missing from its premises.

Bedding, including pillows and a blanket, hatchets, a vinegar bottle, and a basket were among some of the smaller items reported missing. The most disconcerting of the disappearances are the thefts of more substantial items such as assorted furs and pieces of armor. The furs are described as smaller beaver and muskrat pelts, and the two missing pieces of chest armor are made of blackened steel, with a black leather strap.

If your friend starts bragging about his totally sweet blackened steel armor, you can let the Plymouth Police Department know by calling (508) 830-4218.

Photo courtesy Plimoth Plantation