Kevin Convey Reacts to Massarotti’s Departure

1218568621Earlier today, we wrote that the Herald was the organization left standing in the most recent game of sports media musical chairs, with Rob Bradford and Tony Massarotti leaving for other outlets. But the tabloid’s editor, Kevin Convey, doesn’t see it that way.

Convey tells Boston Daily that while he’ll miss the duo, their departure makes room for “lower echelon people to move up and become the next Maz and Bradford.”

We can’t help but think he’d rather have the current editions of Maz and Bradford than any theoretical versions 2.0, but at least he gets why they made their moves. Right?

“To be frank, I’m not quite sure that I understand the allure of working for a website once you’ve been a columnist with a voice,” Convey says.

Might that allure have something to do with this? Or this? Or this? (Note: empirical testing has proven that it is possible to write online with a voice, even from your parents’ basement, if necessary.)

Convey wouldn’t say which writers will move up to fill Bradford and Massarotti’s shoes, only that the Herald is formulating a plan. He also feels confident that the tabloid’s online sports coverage will hold its own even as and bulk up their Internet presence.

“We’re always looking to improve the site, but the lineup that we have now is pretty good. If you look at the number of hits and visits, we’re doing something right.”

So the Herald is touting its website’s readiness for the coming print apocalypse, but Convey can’t understand why his big names would want to jump to online gigs? The answer seems pretty clear to us.