Where Are All the New Kids Fans?

When John Gonzalez sounded the call for New Kids on the Block stories, we got a couple dozen comments from enthusiastic fans, and our email server groaned as Gonz was inundated with messages from people who were happy to talk about what NKOTB meant to them.

1220385446So we figured that these same fans would have lined up to buy a copy of The Block, the New Kids’ first album of new material since 1994, which dropped today. We sent intrepid correspondent Mandi Wells over to Newbury Comics this afternoon to survey the chaotic scene.

But there was none to be found. Take it away, Mandi:

Salespeople at the Newbury Street store said that sales of the new CD are “fair,” and they told us there were a few loyal fans (mostly women in their 30’s) who stopped in to pick up a copy. But there was nothing near the pandemonium that met the group’s Today Show performance back in May.

Perhaps the die-hard fans are saving their squeals of delight for this weekend. The New Kids will make an appearance at the Newbury Comics in Fanueil Hall at 1 p.m. So come out from wherever you’re hiding, NKOTB fans, and show Danny, Jordan, Joey, Donnie, and Jonathan some love.



Album cover from NKOTB.com