Alec Baldwin Rips on Sox & John Krasinski [VIDEO]

If you watched Sunday night’s game, chances are you were surprised by two things: 1) Josh Beckett’s magical time leap back to 2007 and 2) New Era’s “Yankees vs. Sox” commercial starring Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski. OK, Beckett’s domination was just slightly more surprising than Alec Baldwin showing up in an ad (what hasn’t he pitched lately?). But still. Watch it for yourself.

A few things. First, I’ve always liked to imagine that the stars of my favorite TV shows are friends in real life, so this is nice to see. I bet Tracy Morgan also hangs out with that chubby kid from Modern Family. Second, a nice dig at Philadelphia, home to the worst sports fans in America (besides New York, obviously). That’s always worthwhile. Did you know they booed Santa Claus?

But here’s the problem: Alec Baldwin is the man. It’s not even debatable. He’s hilarious and cool. I mean, John Krasinski is nice and all and he does a fine job on The Office. But Alec Baldwin! Showing him as a Yankees fan almost makes me like Yankees fans, which is, obviously, not ideal. I think it’d be better if they just didn’t show this commercial anymore.