Video: Nantucket Documentary by Ric Burns

The Nantucket Historical Association has commissioned a pretty awesome short film, one that anybody boarding the next Cape ferry should watch. Nantucket, produced by Emmy-award winner Ric Burns, tells the tale of how 1,200 feet of sand, thirty miles out to sea, was once the whaling center of the world, and how it got to be the place where you can “experiment, fail, and try again.” And let’s be honest: The documentary’s stunning shots and segments will get you jonesing for your next weekend down on the island.

“[Nantucket] is so much more than a summer playground,” says Burns. “My goal with this film is to offer every island visitor an opportunity to truly understand the global role that the island has played throughout history.” Here’s a 3-minute preview of the film — catch it in its entirety, for free, on July 1 at the Children’s Beach at dusk. (Then, starting on July 2, it will be shown at the Whaling Museum with the price of admission.) 13 Broad St., Nantucket. 508-228-1894