Daily Feed: Today, Sal DiMasi Goes Directly To Jail

Former Speaker Sal DiMasi Goes Directly To Jail. The physical and situational similarities between Sal DiMasi and this guy who’s also pretty down-on-his-luck are striking … except for the top hat, of course. [Boston Herald]

… but Sounds Off On Casino Legislation First. “The irony that the casino culture prevailed after so many years just one week before I traveled to Kentucky is certainly not lost on me,” DiMasi said in a statement via his lawyers. [MassLive.com]

Red Sox Tap Bobby Valentine as New Manager. Yankees, schmakees. Looks like he’ll fit right in. [New York Times]

Radioactive Truck Shuts Down Haymarket MBTA Station. The truck, which was carrying material used in portable x-rays and giving off low levels of radiation, detoured to Haymarket, where police found it immediately. Word to the wise: Buy your discounted produce at your own risk this weekend. [CBS]

Occupy Harvard Tries To Build Dome On Quad for Winter Protection. Both the idea and the parts came from MIT, and now the Harvard Occupiers are trying to figure out what to do with it all. “The dome’s future is largely dependent on who decides to carry the plans forward. ‘We’re sort of waiting to see who jumps in and gets it started.'” Too bad an MIT engineer didn’t also come with the parts. [The Crimson]