Alec Baldwin Isn't Thrilled with Elizabeth Warren's Offer

Alec Baldwin Isn’t Thrilled With Elizabeth Warren’s 15-Minute Offer. Yesterday, Baldwin tweeted: “My office called Eliz. Warren re doing my podcast. They said if I flew 2 Boston, she’d give me 15 minutes. Politicians are so…thoughtful.” This was presumably after he put his game of Words With Friends on hold.  []

A Daydream to Keep You Occupied for the Better Part of the Morning. David Choe, a graffiti artist who painted the walls of the first Facebook headquarters, took Facebook stock instead of cash as his payment. Choe’s payout is estimated at $200 million when Facebook goes public later this year. Many of the other millionaires and billionaires benefiting from the IPO are well-known — Mark Zuckerberg tops the list with 533.8 million shares (worth an estimated $28.4 billion) — but others, like Choe, made a really, really good decision back in the day.  [NYT]

Deval Patrick Inks Deal to Publish Two Books. The first, a “short eBook” focusing on Patrick’s vision for the country, will be released in May and will be titled “Faith in the Dream: A Call to Our Nation’s Liberal Majority to Restore American Values.” The second to-be-titled will be released in 2014.  [ABC]

Six More Weeks of Winter, Says Punxsy Phil, But Why Do We Love Him? Joe Joyce explains the history and rationale behind one of meteorology’s yearly oddities: “Sure, our accuracy can be good when the weather acts in our favor, but there is something special about a day when we as a nation turn to a rodent for hope and guidance on the what to expect from the weather.”  [CBS]

Tracy Morgan Takes Nonsensical Cheap Shots at Tom Brady. Morgan appeared on NBC’s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” and said that Brady “wore a crash helmet on the little bus and spit on the window.” Pot, meet kettle.  []