Construction on the Longfellow Bridge Will Start This Summer

Construction on the Longfellow Bridge Will Start This Summer. The $255 million project will be finished by Sept. 30, 2016, according to the Globe. Traffic disruptions include northbound traffic rerouting to the Craigie Bridge and a 25-weekend suspension in Red Line travel over the bridge, which will be replaced with buses. Otherwise, the Red Line will continue to operate on temporary tracks throughout the project.  [Globe]

Mark Wahlberg Inspires Sean Combs to ‘Be a Better Person.’ That’s a heavy sentiment from the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy about the man formerly known as Marky Mark. Combs made the statement during a Wednesday press conference about the duo’s latest project: an electrolyte-enhanced water called AQUAhydrate. Here’s what he said about Wahlberg: “… one of the things that’s very important to say is that we don’t abuse our relationship. Chemistry is very important in a relationship. This man inspires me to be a better person.”  [Hollywood Reporter]

MIT Developed a Program That Let’s You See What You Can’t See. A team of scientists and programmers wrote code that amplifies color and motion in videos. The code is available online for non-commercial use and has some interesting practical applications, such as visually extracting a pulse on neonatal infants or checking if a towering crane is swaying from side-to-side above a city sidewalk.  [NYT]

Rajon Rondo’s Very Many Freak Factors. Sure, his hands are huge and his “wingspan” is 6’9″, but here are a few more from general manager Danny Ainge as reported in Lee Jenkins’ profile of Rondo, now online: “In peripheral vision tests Rondo beats everybody except Ainge, and on road trips he can recall exact directions to places he visited once. Ainge has seen him throw a football 80 yards, hit a softball 380 feet and beat 33-year-old assistant general manager Ryan McDonough in a 40-yard dash with a tire strapped to his waist.”   [Sports Illustrated]

Nearly Eight Years Later, That Mass. Lotto/Hold’Em Poker Tournament Is Finally Happening. Although maybe it’s a little disheartening for the hundreds of players who’ve held on to their tickets for the better part of a decade to hear that the tourney is “slated” for April 6.  []