Ask Me Anything Q&A #5: Is Marty Walz a Game-Changer?

“MD” asks via email:

How does the special election to fill the seat held by Marty Walz look to you? Walz and her predecessor have endorsed Jay Livingstone, while Steve Grossman, Suzanne Bump, and Mike Ross have endorsed Josh Dawson.

Could be a game-clincher, but who knows in a tiny-turnout election?

Walz, who resigned the 8th Suffolk seat to become head of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, and Paul Demakis, who held the seat for years before Walz, both announced this morning their endorsement of Jay Livingstone. Both carry some weight in the district, especially among those few devoted souls who vote in every election.

As I wrote the other day, Livingston has been the choice of progressive groups, while Josh Dawson has been endorsed by a lot of labor and, as you mention, some bold-name officeholders. As I also wrote, I think it’s going to be more about who charms more diehard voters one-on-one, and both have been out knocking those doors.

I think I’d give the edge to Livingstone, especially with these endorsements, but I really do think it’s still very much up for grabs.

But what the Walz-Demakis endorsement just might do, maybe, is prompt the Herald and Globe to write their first items about the special election taking place in the middle of their city.

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