Dunkin’s Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich Goes National

You're welcome, America.


Dunkin’ Donuts will begin selling its glazed donut breakfast sandwich in stores nationwide June 7 after testing the product in Eastern Massachusetts and being met with “considerable buzz online,” the A.P. reports. No, no, please America, don’t thank us. It’s the least we could do. You’re so sweet, though.

In case you missed it the first time around, local Dunkin’ Donuts locations began quietly testing a breakfast sandwich with fried egg and a choice of bacon or sausage, all on a glazed donut bun. The combination inspired such overwhelming feelings of intrigue and fear in the general population (the fear no doubt helped along by Boston Magazine’s dramatic photo shoot, seen below) that the story quickly garnered a bunch of attention online.


Photographed by Scott Lacey in exchange for a sample.

The AP notes that the sandwich seems to buck a trend in the fast food industry toward providing healthier options for an increasingly nutrition-conscious public. Dunkin’s been getting in on that trend, too, with egg-white omelets and flatbreads and whatnot. But companies are also looking to generate publicity with crazy-viral fast food concoctions like the Doritos locos taco at Taco Bell.

Here at Boston, two fearless editors taste-tested the creation when an Allston location first began testing it. (It may have had tweaks to it since testing began.) We found it acceptable, but couldn’t really figure out a time that we wouldn’t either prefer either a regular glazed donut or a more substantial breakfast sandwich on a bagel, (which has more calories, as it turns out!) But, for novelty factor alone, we’d imagine there’ll be some serious interest in at least trying the thing. Smart, predictable move on Dunkin’s part.