South Station Is Getting a CVS Pharmacy, Tavern In the Square

It's also getting some brand-new bathrooms.

South Station photo Uploaded by joseph a on Flickr

South Station photo Uploaded by joseph a on Flickr

Some major changes are coming to South Station, including a new bar, and a two-floor pharmacy.

Four leases have been inked at the city’s busiest transit hub, including a deal to bring a 30,000 square-foot CVS/Pharmacy, which will span two levels, a new Starbucks that will rival the Dunkin’ Donuts kiosk on the first floor of the station, and the return of Barbara’s Books.

CVS/pharmacy will begin construction of its two-level store, complete with an escalator and elevator, this November, with a planned opening in March 2014.

The changes will also bring a Tavern in The Square to the busy station, which is slated to open sometime between November and December. “Tavern in the Square is very excited about this opportunity. We are taking 780 [square feet], and we will have 40 seats in our space,” said Joey Arcari, founder of the bar and eatery. The tavern will have a scaled-down menu, and feature more than 50 beers on tap.

Besides the new bar, coffee spot, and pharmacy, South Station, the public bathrooms at the 116-year-old station—which are used by thousands of people daily—will be revamped and modernized to reflect facilities seen in airports. “[These upgrades are] marking the beginning of planned changes at Boston’s longest-standing travel epicenter,” according to a press release from Equity Office, the firm that inked the deals. “Restroom changes will include creation of an airport-quality ladies room in the former Clark’s space and an expanded high quality men’s room in place of the current restroom configuration.”

Equity Office will manage the work with a phased approach to construction.  Initial construction will begin in October, and the restroom changes will meet accessibility standards for all patrons.