These People Are Considering Dressing Up As Dzhokhar Tsarnaev For Halloween

Our advice? Don't.

Halloween is Thursday, and people are scrambling at the last minute to figure out what they want to be.

Over the weekend, two friends in Florida (coincidentally, they’re Massachusetts natives), decided to go as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, a choice that set off a firestorm of commentary and news coverage as well as an in-depth look at who the culprits are, courtesy of the Smoking Gun.

One might think that people would learn from those poor decisions, but nope. A quick search shows that more than a few people are planning on dressing up as alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhkohar Tsarnaev for Halloween this year, while others looked to their Twitter followers for advice about whether or not they should do it:

While dressing as an alleged terrorist is disheartening, going as someone wounded in the blasts is even more insensitive—even if it’s just a passing thought.

Others said they attended events, prior to Halloween, where they saw party-goers dressed in Boston bomber garb. They didn’t take too kindly to the costume choice, however: