‘Tupac’ Was at the Celtics Game at TD Garden

Ok, fiiine. It was a look-alike—but a pretty damn good one.

When the Celtics started to bomb in the game against the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night at the TD Garden, fans found something else to be grateful for.

Those on Twitter during the game may have been confused when Tupac’s name suddenly started trending in the city. But people weren’t just reminiscing about the great Machiavellian music legend, they were reliving those memories with a guy who could have been the rapper’s identical twin…down to the nose ring.

Sitting in the crowd, with a white bandana tied backwards around his shaven head, was a Tupac look-alike— and his resemblance was so spot-on that it led to chants from the crowd, who shouted his name, and brought some attention to the Jumbotron. The music director in the Celtics booth even put on “California Love,” as fans danced beside the fake Tupac, gave him fist bumps, and threw up the “West Side” hand symbols.

“This is happening: ‘Let’s go Tupac’ chant at the Garden for the Tupac look-a-like,” tweeted Jessica Camerato, a Celtics reporter.

Apparently, though, Tupac’s twin has been scoping out the scene at the TD Garden for quite some time, but the music was an added bonus. “Tupac look-a-like has been coming to Celtics games for years. This is first time I can recall, though, they played ‘California Love’ for him,” Camerato said.

Someone caught a quick clip of the celebrations, which, surprisingly, didn’t seem to bother the faux-Tupac in the stands: