Watch Bruins’ Max Talbot Asks Habs Fans Why They Hate Boston So Much

Also, no one in Montreal knows who Max Talbot is.

Image via NHL

Image via NHL

Hockey fans mind the slow creep of pumpkin beer, Reese’s pumpkins, and pumpkin spice lattes into the latter part of August a little less than most, as it makes the return feel just a little more imminent. Though the Bruins won’t face the Montreal Canadiens until October 10, Max Talbot has already gotten to work stoking the coals of the Original Six rivalry.

In March, the Bruins finally snuffed out the Jordan Caron era, sending Sayabec, Quebec’s finest traffic cone to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for Talbot, a fellow Quebecker and Stanley Cup champion with the 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins. A rugged, 10-year veteran, Talbot will fit nicely into the bottom-six of coach Claude Julien’s retooled lineup, and suffice to say, he’s already enjoying his time as a Bruin.

Under the guise of “Tim the Interviewer,” Talbot traipsed through downtown Montreal to conduct some man-on-the-street interviews. The 31-year-old found that not only does Habs fans’ hatred for the Bruins go up to 11, but few know who Max Talbot is, even when speaking to Max Talbot.

“I hate the Bruins,” said one man wearing a Celtics jersey. “I’m from Montreal. I would be a traitor.”

“He’s old, but he’s good for the locker room since they lost Shawn Thornton,” another guy told Talbot, when asked about Talbot.

“If he’s a French Canadian, he picked the wrong team. He’s a disgrace to his city,” said some sheepish kid in an Expos cap, who later asks for a picture with Talbot. “He’s a disgrace to Quebec. Even the province. Yeah, disgrace to Quebec.”

Watch all the ensuing awkwardness below.