Life-Threatening Cold to Grip Region This Weekend

We're about to enter the coldest period of the winter.

National Weather Service

National Weather Service

This weekend, it’s expected to be so cold, you could die if you’re outside for an extended period of time without proper clothing.

The National Weather Service is forecasting a period of severe cold weather for the Greater Boston region this weekend. Temperatures are expected to fall below zero on Saturday and not rise above single digits on Sunday. The extreme cold will be exacerbated by strong winds, accompanied by gusts of up to 40 miles per hour—which means that certain areas could see wind chills as low as -30 this weekend. Accordingly, the NWS has declared a wind chill watch for the region.

Some weekend advice for locals from the NWS in Taunton:

  • Residents are highly encouraged to take proper precautions with limiting exposed skin.
  • If you have not done so already, be sure to cover exposed pipes to reduce the threat of frozen pipes or pipe bursts.
  • Ensure your furnaces are in working order. Follow manufacturers’ instructions or utilize a qualified technician to ensure proper and safe operation of your furnace.
  • Do not venture outdoors without wearing gloves, a hat, and several layers of clothing.
  • Run water at a trickle and keep cabinet doors open to prevent pipes from freezing.

It’s expected to be so cold that Boston is dispatching special outreach teams two hours earlier than normal to help people off the street and into emergency shelters.

“Extremely low temperatures present challenges for our city and our residents, and we are working to monitor the situation and keep all our residents safe. I ask each and every single Boston resident to stay safe and to look after their neighbors,” said Mayor Marty Walsh in a statement.

The cold snap is expected to last through the weekend before warming slightly on Monday. Of course, as is typical of New England weather wait a few minutes and it will change: on Tuesday we’re expecting rain and a high of 47. Go figure.